Alcolock Alkogran AM-525 - is designed to determine the level of alcohol in the blood of driver from a breath sample of exhaled air. In the event of exceeding the permissible value of alcohol concentration in blood, car engine work gets blocked.


One of the main features of the Alcogran AM-565 is the the ability to work at extremely low temperatures.


Interlock Alcogran AM-565

  • Technical Characteristics

    Sensor type: electrochemical

    Type of blowing: with mouthpiece

    Range of indications: 0,000 ~ 2,000 ‰ (ppm, g / l)

    Minimum alcohol concentration: 0.05 ‰

    Preparation time: up to 8 seconds

    Indication setting time: 5 seconds

    Operating temperature: from - 40°С to + 40°С

    Power:  external power supply, 12/24 V

    Technical maintenance interval: every 12 months

    Product dimensions: 140х54х34 mm

    Weight: 750 g

    Guarantee: 12 months

  • Package Contents:

    Alcolock, mounting kit, 5 mouthpieces, Instruction Manual