Dingo E-200 is a medical analyzer designed to quickly and accurately measure the mass concentration of ethanol vapor in exhaled air.

Dingo E-200 is equipped with electrochemical sensor with increased durability, can be used for pre-flight and pre-trip inspection of employees, and with a printer for medical examination and examination in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

The device works both with a mouthpiece, and without it. It has a full-text graphic display, a Russian-language menu, an internal memory for 500 measurements and a slot for SD memory card: all this provides a convenient and easy use of the device.

Dingo E-200 is equipped with a port to which, as an option, a printer can be connected using a special cable to print the test results.

Dingo E-200 - the first professional device with the technology of a replaceable sensor unit. Replacing the electrochemical sensor does not require special skills or contacting the service center.


Features of Dingo E-200

  • Electrochemical sensor
  • Test with/without mouthpiece, with mouthpiece-funnel
  • Connects to a special printer
  • Internal memory for 500 measurements
  • Memory card slot
  • Used for medical examination
  • Used for pre-trip and pre-flight inspection of employees
  • Used for examination in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

Breathalyzer Dingo E-200

  • Technical Characteristics

    Sensor type: Electrochemical

    Usage of the mouthpiece: With a mouthpiece, without a mouthpiece, with a mouthpiece-funnel

    Display of the results: Display, full text, graphic

    Units of measurement: Mg/l

    Measurement range: 0.00-1.50 mg/l

    Range of indications: 0.00-2.00 mg/l

    Limits of the basic error: ±0.050 mg/l in the range 0.000-0.500 mg/l; ±10 % in the range above 0.500-1.500 mg/l

    Minimum alcohol concentration: 0.030 mg/l

    Discreteness of the scale: 0.005 mg/l

    Preparation for the first test: Up to 20 seconds

    Preparation for the repeated test: No more than 120 seconds after the analysis of a sample with a concentration of 0,500 mg/l

    Setting time of the display: No more than 10 seconds

    Operating temperature: +10°С to +40°С

    Storage temperature: -10°С to +50°С

    Accessories: Case, printer, adapters and printer cable

    Calibration interval: 12 months

    Memory: 500 measurements

    Power supply: AA batteries, 2 pcs.

    Dimensions (height/width/length), mm: 33х64х133

    Number of tests before the replacement of electrical power (charge): 3 000

    Connection to PC: Yes

    Connection to mobile printer: Yes, by cable (printer is purchased separately)

    Frequency of technical maintenance: Once a year

    Weight, g: 198

    Test counter: Yes

    Warranty: 12 months

    Replaceable sensor element: Yes

    Scope of application: Pre-trip inspections and post-trip inspections; medical examination; examination in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

    Mean time between failures: 10 000 hours

    Service life: 5 years

    Service life of sensor: 2 years

  • Package Contents

    Breathalyzer, AA batteries – 2pcs., mouthpieces - 5 шт., mouthpiece-funnel, case, cable for PC