Dingo AT-2000 is a personal breathalyzer for measuring ethanol vapor concentration from a breath sample of exhaled air, equipped with an ultra-sensitive electrochemical sensor.

Thanks to the electrochemical sensor, Dingo AT-2000 is reliable and durable, and the results of its measurements meet the highest accuracy requirements.

The measurement process is accompanied by an audible signal, the result is displayed on the liquid-crystal display.

Dingo AT-2000 is indispensable for both car enthusiasts and professional drivers.

Throughout time, the sensor of the breathalyzer with factory calibration gradually loses its sensitivity during working process, which leads to an increase in the measurement error. To restore accuracy, it is necessary to adjust the settings of the breathalyzer, from time to time, at specialized centers. Periodicity of technical support for Dingo AT-2000 is once a year or after 500 tests.


Dingo AT-2000 User Manual

Breathalyzer Dingo АТ-2000

  • Technical Characteristics

    Sensor type: electrochemical

    Type of blowing: with mouthpiece

    Range of indications: 0,00 ~ 4,00 ‰ (ppm, g / l)

    Minimum alcohol concentration: 0.05 ‰

    Preparation time: up to 35 seconds

    Indication setting time: up to 22 seconds

    Operating temperature: + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C

    Power: one 9V battery

    Technical maintenance interval: 500 tests or once in a year

    Product dimensions: 125х56х24 mm

    Weight: 123 g

    Guarantee: 12 months


  • Package Contents:

    Breathalyzer Dingo AT-2000, one 9V battery, 5 mouthpieces, Instruction Manual