Tigon alcohol detectors are from the newest generation of alcotesters. The latest technologies are used in this model. The analyzers are equipped with electrochemical sensors that are sensitive to ethanol vapor, while insensitive to other substances.

The device is also equipped with a system of exhaled air control. This feature ensures the accuracy of tests, as due to this system the air portion from the depth of lungs, where the concentration of ethanol vapor highly correlates with the concentration in blood, touches the sensor. Patented screening technology can be used for rapid qualified test.

The device is equipped with color graphic display for displaying messages about operation modes, results and service information. The instruments are controlled via menu. Navigation through the menu is carried out by the buttons on frontal panel.

TIGON А-001 indicator is designed for rapid and accurate determination of alcohol concentration in human body through exhaled air. Can be used for self-control.   

The following device is not considered as medical and cannot be used for medical purposes! The device is not intended for professional activities in the field of distribution of state metrological control.

For accurate measurements the active mode is used with mouthpiece. In order to make preliminary assessment of the presence of ethanol vapors in exhaled air, the quick screening test mode without mouthpieces used can be carried out. The operation of the device is fully automated, all stages of preparation and measurement are accompanied with audible signals and messages in Russian language are displayed. 

Breathalyzers TIGON A-001

  • Technical Characteristics

    Alcohol Sensor Type: Electrochemical

    Type of blowing : with mouthpiece and without mouthpiece

    Range of indication: from 0,00 to 5,50 %0 (ppm, g/l)

    Scale resolution: 0,01 %0

    Minimum alcohol concentration: 0,05 %0

    Preparation time for measurement: 5 seconds

    Installation time indications: Up to 7 seconds

    Operating temperature: from -5 оС to +50 оС

    Storage temperature: from -20 оС to +60 оС

    Power supply: Li-Ion 3.7V, 1000 mAh battery

    Number of measurements before discharging the battery: Up to 3000 tests

    Overall dimensions: 138х61х30 mm

    Weight: 120 g