Tigon alcohol detectors are from the newest generation of alcotesters. The latest technologies are used in this model. The analyzers are equipped with electrochemical sensors that are sensitive to ethanol vapor, while insensitive to other substances.

The device is also equipped with a system of exhaled air control. This feature ensures the accuracy of tests, as due to this system the air portion from the depth of lungs, where the concentration of ethanol vapor highly correlates with the concentration in blood, touches the sensor. Patented screening technology can be used for rapid qualified test.

The device is equipped with color graphic display for displaying messages about operation modes, results and service information. The instruments are controlled via menu. Navigation through the menu is carried out by the buttons on frontal panel. 

Breathalyzer Tigon Y-1003

  • Technical Characteristics

    Sensor type: electrochemical

    Display: graphic color

    Indication of results: digital, 3-digits

    Additional indications: audible warning signals

    Weight, g: 121

    Dimensions HхLхD, mm: 138х68х31

    Range of indications: 0,00-2,50 ‰ (g/l)

    Test type: active

    Control type: menu, 3 buttons

    Connection to printer type: via Bluetooth

    Memory: 10.000 tests

    Preparation for operation time, seconds: approximately 5

    Preparation time for retest in case of preceding test result of 0,50 mg/l, seconds: 7

    Operation mode of the device: repeatedly- short-term

    Power: rechargeable battery

    Power supply: internal

    Battery type: lithium-ion

    Operating potential, V of direct current: 3,7

    Capacity, mAh: 1000

    Number of test with full battery charge, not less than: 1000

    Ambient temperature: 00С ~ +400С

    Relative humidity: from 20% to 90%

    Atmosphere pressure: 700 hPa - 1040 hPa